Honoring Lost Loved ones


Many of you may have someone that you dearly wish could be there to celebrate on your big day. And over the years we have seen plenty of ways to ensure that they are at least there in spirit. Things like sewing a piece of their clothing on your wedding attire, dedicating a moment in the ceremony, or even simply playing a favorite song of theirs, just to name a few. 

Need some fantastic ideas for honoring deceased family members on your big day? 

1. Add an In Loving Memory section to your wedding programs. This allows you to list several if you have more then one, or give a small description of the person you are missing.

2. Set up a memorial table. Frame and set out old photos of your family member(s) to remember all of the joyful moments you had with them. Alicia also chose to set up a Susan G Komen donation jar in honor of her mother.